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Loot and Rewards

Loot and Rewards

The bosses loot in Tomb of Sargeras includes raid tier 20 and other items of ilvl 885-895+ (LFR), 900-910+ (Normal), 915-925+ (Heroic), and 930-940+ (Mythic).

What would World of Warcraft be, if it wasn’t for loot and rewards? What would all the WoW bosses drop, for K’Tun’s sake? (Hopefully, not mixtapes!) The majority of guild arguments for a long time included several characters and one item that all of them needed and no one was willing to remain without. Now it’s not about the majority, but still Tomb of Sargeras is going to add some new teamwork-disrupting epic gear collections into the game!

Those shiny trinkets

Imagine, that you struggle you way through the raid encounters, help noobs with instructions, give hints to semi-noobs, do your best, display your skill and might (doesn't matter that it is merely normal difficulty), and after Kil’Jaedan’s long-attempted kill see the desirable item in the loot box: just several digits above your current one, but more Intellect or Strength is never bad! It is an incomparable feeling: your pains bore gains, you were rewarded! That’s what makes those shiny trinkets real gold: they display your progress, not only your item level – it is all about being classy.

Everything in its right place

We know how pleasant it is sometimes to acquire a good item that you didn't expect to get (we all love surprises, don’t we?), but certainty is far better for a classy raider than “wow, didn’t see this coming”. We have all the Tomb of Sargeras loot placed in special detailed rewards tables, so that you could easily find whatever you need whenever you need: wonder what the successful outcome of your fight with the Demonic Inquisition might bring you? What gains would your pains at the Harjatan encounter be converted in? Probably, fancy some transmogrification hints? Check out our site special Loot section for that!

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