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Difficulty: 3/3
Patch: 7.2.5
Author: cyprus_j

History of World of Warcraft is vast, and the Tomb of Sargeras content is going to enrich it even more! Since Classic WoW players have been anticipating the encounter with the lord of the Legion, and now the long-awaited opportunity is there, even though it is going to be merely the Fallen Avatar we will have to fight.

Elder scrolls

Architecture-wise, the instance is an Elvian temple of Elune, and it is so for a reason: it used to be a sanctum before the fel power started spreading because of the Fallen Avatar’s presence. The Avatar was imprisoned under the temple long ago by Aegwynn, the only mortal that had enough strength and luck to defeat Sargeras. Centuries later Gul’Dan escaped to Azeroth from the parallel time-dimension Draenor and managed to settle a huge gateway for the legions of Kil’Jaeden.

Heroes of azeroth’s hour

Now that the Broken Isles are almost clean from the demons thanks to the players, glorious heroes of Azeroth, following their duty, are sieging the Tomb to drive all the evil away from it. And to get some mythic tier pieces, of course, but mostly because they need to save the world from Sargeras’ second coming.

The united forces of Alliance and Horde are ready to demonstrate their might and stop the invasion!

They call it back

Every boss has his or her (or its) backstory, and the fragments of it can be found not only in the Dungeon Journal, but also all over the raid: just be attentive not only to the loot digits, but also to the enemy champions’ phrases and actions. For instance, what is the Demonic Inquisition, apart from being just an odd couple of awkward demons? You will not have to see dozens of videos to find the answer, as one will do! And, certainly, you can watch it on boost2night.com!

Whatever you need

For anyone who wishes to make sense of the rather complicated WoW history, we made a special section, dedicated to the boss and instance backstories. You can find all kinds of relevant materials there: videos, photos, texts, etc – they are all sorted by categories for your convenience.