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Maiden of Vigilance

Maiden of Vigilance

Quick Facts

Difficulty: 3/3
Patch: 7.2.5
Author: cyprus_j

Boss description

Maiden of Vigilance is the sixth boss of the Tomb of Sargeras raid instance and a very nervous woman indeed. Extravagant appearance gives away a versatile person: the Maiden is good both at using Fel and Light energy.  
Long ago the Maiden was charged to guard and defend the Tomb of Sargeras, and for hundreds of years everything was pretty fine. However, the Maiden’s boss, great Aegwynn, failed to foresee what the buried avatar’s energy could do to a dutiful guardian’s mind: she has gone completely insane and hardly differentiates allies from foes. Unfortunately, in the case of Heroes of Azeroth, the identification went wrong.
Since players have to fight her, they’d better find out what this lady is capable of as soon as possible: hammer strikes, fragment bursts, titanic bulwarks – isn’t it enough to make any adventurer's Soul Unstable? Just don’t waste too much of her time, or else Fury of the Ages is what you get.