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Quick Facts

Difficulty: 1/3
Patch: 7.2.5
Author: cyprus_j

Boss description

Harjatan is the third boss of the Tomb of Sargeras raid instance and a peculiar form of underwater life. A scaled gorilla-like creature that makes an impression of something capable of surviving full fathom five – what do you make of it? A damn good boss to entertain a lot of people!
According to legends, this guy was trained to annihilate his enemies (and to distinguish his enemies, apparently) from birth, which is something you can intuit at a glance. The nature did not begrudge this thug charisma, and tribes of cave dwelling murlocs now worship him as their god. As you might have guessed, you will face them at the encounter as well as some other peculiar fish-like humanoids.
Tactic-wise, the most important and challenging part of the fight is minions. The moving pools do not seem to be a problem at all, however it does not mean that you do not have to try to avoid them. The boss appears to be a decent warm-up.