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Quick Facts

Difficulty: 2/3
Patch: 7.2.5
Author: cyprus_j

Boss description

Goroth is the first boss in the Tomb of Sargeras raid instance and a huge bimanous fel fire unicorn. In fact, it is more like a mixture of an infernal and a pit-lord, but, actually, it is hardly a fact.
According to the official backstory, Goroth was punished for his unconvincing results as a Legion champion, and now this creature suffers unbearable pain with every step it makes. Nevertheless, Goroth is loyal to his faction and is willing to crush some enemies’ skulls, as thus it will get higher chances for a better fate after being resurrected once more.
Tactic-wise, Goroth is a behemoth spike lover: you will have to deal with numerous pillars throughout the encounter, which is entirely built on the well-managed maintenance of the needed number and configuration of spikes in the room. Poorly coordinated raids are definitely doomed to stuck on this guy.  
The encounter is somewhat challenging, as it is quite fast-paced, and generally fun.