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Demonic Inquisition

Demonic Inquisition

Quick Facts

Difficulty: 1/3
Patch: 7.2.5
Author: cyprus_j

Boss description

Demonic Inquisition is the second boss of the Tomb of Sargeras raid instance and quite a matching couple. Atrigan and Belac prepared a warm welcome for all the adventurers that managed to deal with the first trial of the Tomb of Sargeras!
The guys, as the backstory informs, are known as captors, to be more precise, as the best Legion captors, that were summoned by Kil’jaeden to deal with any sort of intruders.  
Even though the encounter consists of twice as much creatures as the first one, it is hardly twice as difficult, as it does not really have any challenging mechanics. The cage requires plenty of patience from your off-tank, but is definitely not challenging. The bosses’ abilities do not interact with each other in any peculiar or surprising ways, so you will find clues to victory in no time here. However, the Grin and Bear It achievement looks like a challenge creator.