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Bosses and Strategy Guide

Bosses and Strategy Guide

Boost2Night publishes guides developed exclusively by experienced PVE professionals: the texts you are about to read are the results of the thorough research carried out by our in-service experts. We hope you will find our guides helpful and look forward to getting your feedback.

World of Warcraft is full of awfully wicked guys! Most of them eventually become bosses in dungeons and raids! And generally WoW instance encounters are not no-brainers: they require strategy and skill. The latter is something you obtain gradually through the game, and the former comes at once fr om guides! As Tomb of Sargeras is never an exception, all its champion battles require vast knowledge of the encounter mechanics as well!

It’s dangerous to go alone

Well, certainly, you always have your teammates around (and if it is LFR, you are hardly guaranteed to be happy about it), but this is the case when you can be alone together, as the company you all are definitely going to miss is the bosses strategy guides you failed to study before the battle started. They are not only about loot tables and some lore-related stories of Azeroth heroes (in fact, they are totally not): list of valuable recommendations, player requirements, difficulty differences, and battle key details, plus basic and elaborated boss’ abilities description and crucial encounter elements – this is what makes a good guide. Add some clarity and you a good one becomes exceptional. Yep, it is what we do.

Unusual suspects

Do you happen to remember who we are to deal with in the Tomb? Here’s the complete list: Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjatan, Mistress Sassz'ine, Sisters of the Moon, The Desolate Host, Maiden of Vigilance, The Fallen Avatar of Sargeras, and – the wickedest of them – Kil’Jaeden. You will have to get all the nine down one by one and to get epic loot and rewards, but wh ere would you be without most awesome bosses strategy guides out there?

Quality control

Our texts are composed by most experienced and qualified WoW raid experts, as the quality is our top priority. You will find most detailed encounter analyses and will be able to stick to the professional hints and tips during your own tries. Nothing is more important for the successful and comfortable raiding than a really solid and vast theoretical basis, which our guides are meant to provide.