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In Tomb of Sargeras players have an opportunity to obtain 25 raid-related achievements and several feats of strength. It's include 245 character and 20 guild achievement point worth in total. As usual achievements include: individual mythic boss kill achievements, raid wing completion achievements, any difficulty last boss kill achievement, "glory of” achievements, guild run achievements. Among feats there are regular “World First” and “Ahead of the Curve” and “Cutting Edge”.

Achievements in World of Warcraft always add extra challenge to the game for those who fancy some more difficulties even after the greatest feats!

Tomb of Sargeras is no exception: done with the bosses on Mythic? Take a closer look at what else you can take your exhausted raid through!

WoW can be pretty demanding indeed!

What is all this about?

Boss fights are full of fun and wipes, but what makes them really amazing is that you can even add up to both fun and wipes with help of achievements: Demonic Inquisition is not challenging enough? Try to complete “Grin and Bear It” and, perhaps, you will fully understand what “to achieve” means!

Just don’t forget that most of the hardest ones are available only in Heroic and Mythic modes, which is actually pretty logical.

Take me to the tomb

The depths of the instance hide 25 opportunities to obtain awesome unique achievements: 2 of them are guild ones, 10 are “Glory of” related, 9 are Mythic mode related, 3 are about defeating all the bosses in certain wings and 1 is dedicated to the slay of the one and only Kil’Jaeden.

Managing all of them is that kind of a feat (yet not a real WoW feat, unfortunately) that every self-respecting and earnest guild master is eager to achieve: what can be a better display of skill and class than annihilating bosses with additional difficulties and in style? Those who enjoy continually killing bosses by standard schemes are, no doubt, doomed for oblivion (and Destruction!, as Kil’Jaeden would say).

Other ways to glory

Most of the achievements are incredibly challenging, and even tips and hints from wowwiki-like sources might be not useful enough to help to deal with them all. Besides, are you dead certain that your guild is skilful enough for “The Glory of Tomb Raider”? Yet you still are going to try: there’s an epic mount at stake here! So there has to be some other way to glory, apparently.

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