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Tomb of Sargeras

Tomb of Sargeras

Quick Facts

Difficulty: 3/3
Patch: 7.2.5
Author: John


Tomb of Sargeras (TOS) is the Legion fourth raid instance, that is due to be released presumably in 7.2.5.. It includes 9 boss encounters and is located in The Broken Shore, Broken Isles. The bosses’ loot includes raid tier 20 and other items of ilvl 885-895+ (LFR), 900-910+ (Normal), 915-925+ (Heroic), and 930-940+ (Mythic).


History of World of Warcraft is vast, and the Tomb of Sargeras content is going to enrich it even more! Since Classic WoW players have been anticipating the encounter with the lord of the Legion, and

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Tier 20

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Unlock schedule

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TOMB OF SARGERAS. Huge place. It includes 9 boss encounters and is located in The Broken Shore, Broken Isles. Patch: 7.2.5. Among the creatures you are about to encounter in the tomb there are infernals, monstrous nagas, demons, and, most notably, Kill’jaeden and the Fallen Avatar of Sargeras. The raid consists of 4 wings: The Gates of Hell (Goroth, Harjatan, Mistress Sassz’Ine), Wailing Halls (Demonic Inquisition, Sisters of the Moon, The Desolate Host), Chamber of the Avatar (Maiden of Vigilance, Fallen Avatar), and Deceiver’s Fall (Kil’jaeden).




World of Warcraft is getting one epic raid bigger: behold, Tomb of Sargeras! Even though we are not going to encounter the Titan himself, we will meet his Fallen Avatar, which is also pretty awesome! Isn’t it amazing how WoW manages to hold its aces up the sleeve, providing us with more and more top notch instances and bosses?

What’s inside?

Now, glorious raiders, we are going really deep: they definitely meant it with the word “dungeon” this time! Inside the ancient Elvian temple some terrible power has awakened and guess whose duty it is to settle the matter?

We’ve got not that many champions to defeat, just nine: Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjatan, Sisters of the Moon, Mistress Sassz’ine, The Desolate Host, Maiden of Vigilance, Fallen Avatar, and Kil Guess-Who-Is-Back Jaeden – all extremely mighty and challenging! Some of them – and to find out who exactly, check out our Boss Comment section! – most definitely belong to the guild-breaker category.

Time for action

No doubt, you have to be prepared for this kind of action: Tomb of Sargeras is not going to be just a pleasure cruise. Just like any other new raid it requires a thorough study, so before the patch is out, try to get as much information as possible: find all you can on all the bosses (start with watching their models rotate in the viewer!), check out all the available videos out there (fatboss is our personal recommendation), compare the heroic and mythic modes, read what the dungeon journal suggests – actually, for all this you don’t even have to leave out site, as Boost2Night provides not only boosts, but also most important and relevant new content information in the best form possible as well.

Get advantage

Well, probably not everyone plays to become the world’s first every next patch. Perhaps, you just want your pieces of tier, your loot and rewards and all that without wasting your time on poorly coordinated trash tries and boss pulls: any raid features lots of suffering along with fun and glory, so you think carefully before signing up for most intensive raid time schedules.

Never do what you do not feel like doing: you’ve got us for that.

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