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Tier 21 of the Antorus the Burning Throne

Tier 21 of the Antorus the Burning Throne

We are in for another great PVE set! Just as usual, for some classes it is incredibly awesome, for some – not so much. Let’s take a closer look!

Looks like we are in for another great PVE set! Just as usual, for some classes it is going to be incredibly awesome, for some – not so much. You’d better take a closer look and see it for yourself! At least check out the warlock one!

Death Knight

This time it’s pretty generic: just some ordinary plate armour set. Are death knights ever to see something really peculiar again, like tier 11, for instance? No, I’m not saying that it was the GOAT for the class, but at least it was something to remember and to recall. This one is not going to go down in history of the game even as a preferable mog variant, that’s for sure. Just a generic set with a pretty default configuration of colours. That’s it.

Demon Hunter

It’s not getting better – quite on the contrary: this one looks like a set of uncommon quest items. A set of uncommon items? Well, as weird as that. Cannot be even compared to the previous one: the indicators of the class personality are nowhere to be found. The shoulder plates might be the best element, but not in the purple variant: there they are just lost in the total so-soness.


Each new raid patch just before going through the new tier sets I make a guess about which poor mammal was used for one of them this time. Usually and pretty surprisingly, it is the best nature’s friends druids who use their class buddies’ remains for clothes. What do we have today? A bear? Oh my. From horns and feathers we got to the head of the king of the wild: pretty impressive, but, head gear-wise, something rather shaman-esque. Probably, one of the most interesting druid tiers ever: the combination of aggressiveness (eviscerated beast, claws all over) and the class-specific features (feathers, Moon symbols, green colour) make it really impressive.


The naga one is simply fantastic: the feeling of the classical, archetypical “forest archer” is just too real. The soothing, pleasant to the eye cyan colour makes it all less aggressive than it is probably supposed to be, but also adds some “oceanic” tone to it. The normal tiers are also good, but are hardly anything special though.


Tier 21 looks like a logical continuation or, probably, addition to the previous one: tier 20/6 was something like a classic Warcraft mage outfit, tier 21 looks like something that belongs to the very same sorcerer, yet as a travelling armour (no robe to stumble along in). The heroic variant is just flawless, yet the normal ones have these weird ears, that make the mage’s head look extremely small and somewhat Star Wars-ish.


The development and the combination of tiers 14 and 15: BALLS OF POWER come from tier 14, wide hat and big belt – from tier 15. Both parts are made more detailed and colourful. Looks awesome! Easily the best monk tier set so far!


Paladin tiers are generally quite peculiar: almost every new set is nothing like the previous one. Kinda our case, yet speaking of its originality, it should be pointed out that its inspirations are too noticeable: tier 11 + tier 13 with some decorative additions. No, it doesn’t mean it’s bad – it’s awesome, it really is: one of the best “white knight” gears are combined into one in this one. Can it be bad? No way!


The firebird concept is common for many mythologies of the world, but what on Earth is it supposed to do with priests? Bright, wing-ful (come on, Blizz, you are not KFC after all!), wide – good, but hardly better than the many of the previous ones (t17, for example).


Aha, Robin Hood inda house! Sherwood, do you copy? We’ve got a situation: masks and high collars keep reappearing in the rogue sets! So there is nothing new about the mentioned elements, yet what we’ve got to enjoy is a brand new tier apex, so to say, which is HAT this time! Makes you instantly fall in love with the set, because – what did you expect? – hats are to be loved!


I will never get tired to thank the Blizz for what they keep doing for shamans: guys, bravo, another top notch super set, that I feel like calling the greatest of all time right away! This helmet is the quintessence of shamanizm, like for real! And the back of the head part animation is simply jaw-dropping! Do your eyesight a favour, give your sense of beauty a most pleasant treat: just look at these, stare in awe and don’t blink! Terrific!


Another amazing work! The heroic version is just out-of-this-multiverse! Probably, the best set of the tier. Very grim, very dark, very warlockish – just what is needed! Warlocks are rarely furnished badly, just like shamans, they always have the neatest suits to go out! The spider helmet is something a bit warrior-esque, yet we have already seen a similar element in the lock tier 19, so it’s fine and totally a good class feature.


Overwatch vibe anyone? Like Reinhardt and all that? Well, alright, nevermind. Warrior sets are just, ehm, consistent: they all are really warrior-ish, but that’s the only thing I can say about them. Lots of plate, lots of spikes, lots of metal badassness – it’s fine, I accept it, but still cannot consider something special. This time it is so once more.