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History of the Antorus the Burning Throne

History of the Antorus the Burning Throne

The history of World of Warcraft is truly immense and extensive, and the Argus conflict is going to make it even bigger! Isn’t our own invasion is what we all have been waiting for for so long?

Azeroth strikes back

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s our time to conquer! It’s us, the players, the heroes of Azeroth, that are to join the crusade this time, now that Kil'Jaeden is defeated and we have an opportunity to build on the progress. Can we waste such a chance? Not in 7.3!

After you are through with exploring the scorched meadows of Argus and find yourself wondering where all the countless demons might be, you are free to join the expedition into the depth of the Burning Throne, also known as Antorus, where the most horrible mysteries of the Universe will be solved.

Not an amusement park

Needless to say, Antorus is not going to be a pleasure cruise, so be ready to take pains! You are going to encounter horrible demons, like twin elemental dogs from the depth of the Medieval hell, or the Frankenstein monster inspired new version of Varimathras; you are going to encounter the mightiest Legion champions, like the slyest headhunter in the multiverse Imonar or the portal grandmaster Hasabel; and, most importantly, you are going to meet your Azerothian alter-ego’s makers, the titans. Lots of fun!

Vaults of wisdom

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