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The Coven of Shivarra

The Coven of Shivarra

The Coven of Shivarra is the ninth encounter of the Antorus raid instance and a bunch of six-armed ladies-assassins. With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets another Shivan boss (remember Mother Shahraz from the Black Temple?) and the first council encounter with the representatives of this Deva-like race! It is not that easy to deal even with one Shivan, so what would you expect from a quartet of them? Certain difficulties at least! But don’t you worry: your mythic kill is still in hand, as it is us you are getting your strategy guide from!


All right, so what have we already learned about these mysterious witches? Players know how to cope with council bosses, players know what Shivarra is (walls of the Baradin Hold witnessed thousands of Alizabal deaths!), so the new encounter will hardly become an insuperable impediment – at least some good news! And even more pleasant intel: quartet is a feature of the Mythic mode only, while in LFR, Normal, and Heroic it is a trio you will have to battle against! Yet some bad news: they are the best torturers on the whole Argus. Speaking of the Coven’s outfits, they are almost none: the models of the Shivarra present actual models! Check out the gallery to find some impressive images! The photos you can find on B2N are here only for starters, as we are likely to get more exciting information about the boss’ background pretty shortly. As soon as something peculiar on the topic appears, we will share it with you right away!


Why search for patch-related content all across different wowwiki-like sites, when you can just find it on our site in one place and divided into categories: Want to find out what spoils you can get for the victory over Shivarra? See lists of loot and rewards! Fancy some more pictures of the six-armed demon ladies? Oh, boy! See photos, see photos! New tier fragments and full tiers? Boss-related quests? Any encounter features and content you’d like – we’ve got it for you! Every WoW raid encounter is a treasure box full of magic powers and lore fragments, and this one (four? three?) is no exception: we try to bring you the living history of Warcraft in the best way possible!


The assassin ladies are a dangerous foe! Too bad in this war they are not on our side! But, as any dungeon explorer will tell you, difficulties exist for us to overcome! No matter how great an achievement the Coven kill is, it is not impossible! Whether you are a raid leader or just a mere raider, it is your duty to know the best strategies to pick in a fight like this! Even if you fail to get a world-first feat, your mythic kill is not going anywhere! Boost2Night guarantees that with our guides you will deal with any WoW raid boss!