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Portal Keeper Hasabel

Portal Keeper Hasabel

Don’t you mess with the portl keeper!

Portal Keeper Hasabel is the fourth encounter of the Antorus raid instance and a perfect multitasker! With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets another Legion champion boss (we’ve already fought our way through quite a number of them, but still!) and a fight with the mastermind behind the portal system of commuting! Defeating him might provide the Azeroth invasion forces with a significant advantage in the Argus war, so your sacred duty is not to fail! For that you will need certain kind of assistance to deal with both heroic and mythic difficulties, and Born2Night is happy to supply that very sort of assistance in the form of strategy guides!


WoW players have already beheld many weird and sometimes even scary things as enemies, hence to surprise them the Blizz must put real effort into the development of the new patch bosses! Antorus is full of the strange and rare, a freak show of a kind, but Hasabel is a sorta regular demon. His outfit? Fel armor, horned helmet – nothing outstanding. However his powers are unique and really unpleasant, so don’t let a rather boring appearance fool you. Galleries full of images of the Portal Keeper and the model viewer can be found on our site – you should see it for sure! As soon as something new on the topic emerges, we will add it to the collection!


Why search for the new content-related information all across different wowiki-like sites, if you can simply visit Born2Night and find all the stuff gathered in one place and divided into categories, just in the best manner imaginable? Service is everything! Want to find out what Hasabel looks like after hours, for instance? See photos! Still not sure about what rewards the boss drops? See list of loot and rewards! Relevant quests, perhaps? Achievements? Tier fragments and full tiers? Just any encounter features and content you feel like finding – got it ready for you! Every WoW raid encounter is a treasure chest full of lore fragments, and why will this one be an exception? We do our best to bring you the living history of Warcraft in the best way possible!


Can you? The Keeper keeps up alright with the biggest cheeses of the Legion: thousands of simultaneous wars, millions of worlds, billions of portals and demons – just imagine how good he is at his job! New difficulties for him are almost literally nothing, and your raid might easily become this nothing this time! How are you to avoid that fate? Well, you must understand, that whether you lead the raid group or whether you are lead as a part of it, your sacred duty is to know the optimal way of slaying the boss. The dungeon journal will certainly supply you with lots of valuable information, but it is going to be primarily about Hasabel’s abilities, not actions you are to undertake. That’s why Boost2Night is there to secure your mythic kill! Don’t rush for the world-first, better thoroughly study our splendid strategy guides, and you will hardly ever find any difficulties with raid bosses in future!