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The mastermind behind fel reavers!

Kin'garoth is the seventh encounter of the Antorus raid instance and presumably the notorious creator of Fel Reavers. With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets one of the Burning Legion’s engineers as a boss (Fel Reavers were a real headache back in TBC: remember them roaring in the Peninsula?). His defeat, once it happens, is going to be really satisfying, no matter which difficulty it is achieved on! Keeper of the greatest Legion war secrets is not going to be some wimp, that’s for sure! Hence both heroic and mythic versions are going to be demanding to the players’ skill and patience. To facilitate the process of annihilating of one of the Legion’s big cheese, B2N prepared a splendid strategy guide for you, raiders!


What is known about the guy right now? Merely fragments of lore that players managed to get from the PTR and all over the web: Kin’Garoth's political views are in favour of the Legion domination, his outfit features some asymmetrical shoulder plates and a horned helmet, and he was definitely involved in the development of one of the greatest Legion’s war machines Fel Reaver. The images of the boss are not really numerous, but there is at least enough to compose a small gallery, which is what we did! Also of interest might be the model of the engineer – check it out!


There is no more necessity to search for patch-related content all across the web, including various wowwiki-like sites: you can just find whatever you want on the topic on our site in one place and divided into categories: dying to see the awesomest shots of Kin'Garoth? See photos! Can’t wait to get some epic gear, but not sure what exactly might drop? See lists of loot and rewards! Encounter-related quests? Tier fragments and full tiers? Whatever boss features and content you need – we’ve got it here! Every WoW raid encounter is a treasure box full of lore pieces, and this one is no exception: we try to bring you the living history of Warcraft in the best way possible!


Kin’Garoth must be destroyed, no matter how fierce a fight you are going to have: this is a battle not to be lost, as Fel Reavers are what make the world a worse place! Also they are a significant war advantage for the Legion in the Argus conflict! To stop this madness is a real achievement for anyone who considers himself or herself a true hero of Azeroth! Doesn’t really matter, whether you are a raid leader or just a mere raider, it is your duty to know the best strategies to pick in a fight like this! World-first is not to be achieved by everyone, we all know that, but a mythic kill is still something each and every respectable raider has to obtain, and B2N has some strategy guide for you to secure yours!