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Garothi Worldbreaker

Garothi Worldbreaker

War machine designed to destroy worlds!

Garothi Worlbreaker is the first encounter of the Antorus raid instance and a gigantic war machine capable of, well, breaking worlds! Not a fel reaver, but still a nuisance! With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets another robot boss, but this time it comes with a full nuclear arsenal! It might be questioned, whether a hostile Iron Giant is the best way to greet players, but it is definitely provocative and effective! What might be considered to be a fact, is that the robot is going to provide difficulties in both heroic and mythic modes, and, most likely, lots of them, which is some bad news for those who prefer to get stuck on the first raid fight, which is mainly about new and casual players. To sum it up: the Argus war comes to the Burning Throne, and its first battle at this stage is an ultimate planet shatterer, but there's still no reasons for panic, as B2N has pretty awesome strategy guides for you, raiders and gentlemen, just as usual!


A huge black and green thug at the gates: some Goroth vibes, anyone? And just like the infernal unicorn, the new keeper is a masterpiece of some totally wicked mastermind (later you'll have an opportunity to meet Kin'Garoth himself, by the way). In fact, the machine was created to put an end to the Azeroth forces AKA players' invasion to Argus, and, since the Legion is known to mainly succeed at destroying and creating things meant to destroy, there is a high chance of a really fierce and challenging fight at the very beginning of the instance. However it is not that bad, as a good battle with a gigantic war machine is something every raid fan will appreciate for sure! As to its outfit, it's pretty neat: you can hardly estimate the half of what the Worldbreaker's armour can do by just looking at it, which is a sign of a good engineer! Nevertheless it's worth seeing: view the boss’ model in the special section or just take a look at photos in our gallery!


There is no more need in gathering new patch content-related information from all around the web and wowiki-like sources: B2N did everything for you, and now you can easily find loads of stuff on our site in one place and in categories: want to behold the Garothi nightmare in its fullest grandeur? See photos! Want to know what good loot that good lord drops? See lists of loot and rewards! Boss-related quests? Achievements? Tier fragments and full tiers? Just as you want it: all the content, all the features you want are there for you!


When was it an easy task to deal with a colossal robot designed to annihilate and disintegrate? The Argus war might never be won, if the boss does not fall! One must fall! It doesn’t really matter whether you are just an ordinary raider keen on wipes and kicks, or a great veteran raider with several world-first achievements, it is your great duty to stick to the plan and, which should actually come first, know what the plan is! The dungeon journal is always at your service, but you will hardly find the information it provides sufficient. That’s why we are more than pleased to invite you to check out what our own awesome strategy guides are: with them your mythic kills are guaranteed!