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Felhounds of Sargeras

Felhounds of Sargeras

Sargeras most horrfying pets!

Felhounds of Sargeras are the second encounter of the Antorus raid instance and a couple of elite monstrous dogs. With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets another council boss and some more monsters to behold in awe! And to battle in awe as well: the prized pets of the Fallen Titan are unleashed, once players make their presence in the Burning Throne evident (for that you need to survive the fight with the Worldbreaker, but let’s imagine you’re through already). The Argus war is fierce, difficulties are just all over: the two dogs bite hard both in heroic and mythic modes, so get ready to suffer! Well, alright, it won’t be that bad, if you use our guides: we’ve got the most awesome strategies composed by great experts for you to see and to stick to!


Okay, so it’s all about dogs this time: the Felhounds are not something you expect a dog to look like, as the only feature they do have in common with a, say, Labrador is four limbs – not bad, but also not enough. F’harg and Shatug – Sargeras is apparently good at making up pet names – are literally charged with powers of fire and shadow, respectively. Apart fr om that they are full of surprises including fangs, claws, and creepy noise production system. It’s debatable whether those skulls might be considered parts of the outfit, but it’s still worth being seen: view the dogs in the model viewer or in the photo gallery! Don’t forget to check out for updates, as new information on the topic appears pretty frequently!


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Horrible creepy dogs have never been a laughing matter! The Argus war is not the most pleasant pastime ever even without burning half-canine half-simian creatures with skulls for heads running around you and producing disturbing noises – some more difficulties to consider! Whether you are an experienced cold-blooded raid leader with a dozen of world-firsts under belt or a regular raider who prefers to be lead, not to lead, your sacred duty is to know how exactly this or that boss must be killed in the optimal way. Certainly, the dungeon journal will never lie to you, but neither it will tell you all the truth. Unlike the B2N guides: the best WoW raid strategies from the best experts are what we are happy and proud to present to you!