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Eonar the Life-binder

Eonar the Life-binder

This isn’t the Titan fight you are looking for!

Eonar the Life-binder is the fifth encounter of the Antorus raid instance and a gigantic bronze-skinned lady titan. With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets a really peculiar boss fight: instead of battling the vanir just like any other fallen or corrupted titan, you suddenly find her to be an ally. Your duty now is to protect the new friend fr om waves of demons that try to prevent her from getting enough power to become a significant help to players in the Argus war. Don’t let difficulties discourage you: even though both heroic and mythic here are a real treat for the fans of effort, there’s always an undeniable advantage on your side! Boost2Night is proud and happy to present its most amazing strategy guides to you!


So what are we to make of it? Who is Eonar exactly? The great keeper of the healing powers who is in danger of getting corrupted by the Legion forces and who requires our help. The image of the boss is pretty interesting: deep suntan, some branches in the hair, almost no clothes – some awesome outfit there, huh? She’s full of pleasant features, so to say, as far as one can judge! You can always view the best shots of the Life-binder in our gallery! Also you can rotate her model in the special viewer, which is even more fun! The photos you can find on B2N are numerous, but their number is not final, as we are to get more intel on the encounter in the nearest future. As soon as something worth your attention on the topic appears, we will share it with you immediately!


To search for the relevant information all around the web, visit dozens of wowiki-like sites – it is such a nuisance! And what a waste of time as well! Now it is so much easier to find any new patch content data, mainly because it is stored in one place and divided into categories – Boost2Night is at your service! Want to see images of the boss? Visit photos! Wonder what trophies the encounter might bring you? Check out lists of loot and rewards! Relevant quests? Tier fragments and full tiers? Achievements? Any Eonar feature you wish to learn about is right there wh ere you want them! All the WoW raid encounters are some treasure chests full of lore fragments, and this one is hardly an exception: we try to bring you the living history of Warcraft in the best way possible!


It’s a different kind of battle: now we are not to defeat, but to protect! We definitely need a good ally in this war, so we’ll have to put some effort into helping the Life-binder out! It doesn’t matter, whether you are a usual humble raider or a cheeky world-first wanna be, your duty is to know how exactly you are expected to fight a new menace! The dungeon journal is your good friend, that’s true, but it is not flawless! Your mythic kill for instance, is something it will not guarantee, unlike us: Boost2Night’s awesome strategy guides can become great help with any WoW raid bosses!