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Argus the Unmaker

Argus the Unmaker

And who will unmake who?

Argus the Unmaker is going to be one of the most epic final boss battle ever, that’s for sure! With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets another great fight that might once become classic! This is that kind of a WoW raid encounter that makes you suffer, even when you don’t choose the Mythic difficulty – it means you need to be really well prepared! And, as usual, to help you with that Boost2Night brings you the best guides composed by the most qualified experts!


Players don’t even know what to think of the new supervillain: all we have now is that he’s bad and boujee (also blue and big) – so far all that we saw in the recent photos. Swag outfit with some Lei Shen-esque touches is what makes the guy's model really badass and any gallery with the images of him at least worth taking a look at! The photos you can find on our site are only the beginning, as we are definitely in for much more interesting information about the boss’ background. As soon as something exciting and important on the topic turns up, we will immediately share it with you!


Instead of searching for patch-related information all over various wowwiki-like sites, you can always find it gathered in one place on B2N and divided into categories: fancy to see what the Unmaker looks like with the Antorus dungeons as a background? See photos! Want to learn what swag has the boss got to share with you (after his sudden decease, certainly)? See lists of loot! Relevant quests? New tiers? Information on the development of the encounter? All the features you need, all the content you want – Argus is not going to be a mystery to you anymore! Every WoW raid boss is a treasure box full of fragments of lore, and this one is no exception: we try to bring you the living history of Warcraft in the best way possible!


Lore-wise, there is a real war out there: heroes of Azeroth have their D-day on a hostile planet and cut through hordes of demons to deal with the mightiest loot keepers! As you can imagine, to kill Argus, the mightiest of the mightiest, is an achievement alright! Regardless of whether you are a raid leader or just a raider, it is your duty to know what strategies to stick to in this war! It is impossible for everyone to become a world-first guild, but what we can guarantee is that with help of our guides neither heroic, nor mythic are going to be a problem for you! Definitely, the Unmaker bears this name for a reason, but there is no WoW instance B2N is not able to help you with in any way you see fit!

Guides too, but boosts are not just something we WTS and you WTB, it’s the state of mind, phylosophy, the way of living.