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Antoran High Command

Antoran High Command

A trio of demon commanders!

Antoran High Command is the third encounter of the Antorus raid instance and a great annihilation squad (most probably it is players that are going to get annihilated primarily though!). With the release of 7.3, World of Warcraft gets another council boss that consists of three demon champions, which is hardly surprising, as it’s the Burning Throne! The Legion strongest got together to join powers against the Heroes of Azeroth – apparently, we are in for a trouble! Difficulties start with memorising the members' names: Admiral Svirax, Chief Engineer Ishkar, and General Erodus – that's why we are going to stick simply to "High Command". The Argus war knows a lot of good commanders, but only these three can be killed in both heroic and mythic modes – means a lot, doesn't it? Just as usual, B2N is there to facilitate the process of dealing with the enemy generalship: check out our unbelievably awesome strategy guides to make very certain that you never fail to make Azeroth proud!


A triumvirate raid fight concept is not something that should come as a surprise: remember the Tomb of Sargeras and the Night Elvian trio? The new boss is a similar kind of battle – in general, of course, only in general! For many years players got used to unfair fights: after all, isn't it almost always 10+ vs 1? Who are the Command exactly? We've got the space fleet supreme commander Syriax (far not a Romulan!), the mastermind behind the most atrocious Legion war machines Ishkar, and the mighty leader of the Burning troops Erodus! Even though they are supposed to be outstanding in terms of simply everything, their outfits do not match the obvious uniqueness. Just view their models in our special section or take a look at various images in our galleries!


Instead of boring searches for the new patch content-related information all over various wowiki-like sources, you can just visit our site and find it all stored in one place and in categories: literally galleries of images! All those group selfies the Command are supposed to make are here - see photos! All that awesome swag that they have hidden from you! See lists of loot and rewards! Tier pieces! Achievements! Related quests! Any features, any content you feel like finding – just waiting to be discovered! Every WoW raid encounter is a treasure box full of lore fragments, and this one (should it be called three though?) is not supposed to be and is not an exception: we try to bring you the living history of Warcraft in the best way imaginable!


It is not an easy task to deal with a well coordinated team, especially when it is a raid boss! The dungeon journal might be useful, but it will never provide you with everything you need! It is your duty as a raider to know which strategies to pick and stick to – how else do you think you are going to defeat the Council? Probably, you are even considering the world-first feat - the bigger ambition, the better! B2N is there to help you out with strategy guides: we've got the most awesome ones composed by our super qualified experts! Check it all out in the special section on our site!