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Videos of the Antorus the Burning Throne

Videos of the Antorus the Burning Throne

Probably, you are not a huge fan of static visual art and just static visual things. If so, why not check out our video section? Argus survival and strategy guides, gear up tutorials and lots of other helpful stuff!

Imagine that you are having a lunch break, you get your meal, get your tea, unblock your phone and suddenly discover that you’ve run out of TV series and funny cat video compilations to watch! Jesus, what can be more horrible than that! What are you to undertake?
Check out our collection of the new patch related videos! Even though Boost2Night doesn’t have its own video production (we still managed to come up with a great promo though!), we  always have something to share: in this case, we are happy to help YouTube WoW channels we enjoy! Also the Blizz made videos are presented: they are just too beautiful not to be included!
Indulge yourself with a dessert of Antorus, the Burning Throne valuable information provided in these videos!