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World of Warcraft gets another major update: Tomb of Sargeras is a new big raid instance with lots of challenging boss encounters. As any other WoW PVE content patch it creates a tense competition among players, and those who for some reason do not have an opportunity to spend as much time on the game as it demands, are doomed to remain at the bottom of the progress leaderboard. Sounds like your case? Or you are not really interested in the competition, but still prefer loot and rewards to challenges? Let’s take a closer look at what Boost2Night has to offer you!

What is boosting?

Sometimes you don’t feel like doing things that you are generally fond of. WoW is no exception: it is perfectly understandable how a person can get really exhausted from studying strategy guides, watching boss kill videos, checking raid loot and reward tables' updates, and all that. Players are also people – believe it or not! – and they might get tired of their routine. Boost2Night provides and has provided for a long time a wide range of boosting services meant to facilitate your gaming experience and keep it free from annoying stuff.

What is tomboosting?

Tomb boosting helps you to easily overcome those difficulties you don’t want to spend your time and effort on. The whole range of bosses: Goroth, Demonic Inquisition, Harjatan, Mistress Sassz’ine, Sisters of the Moon, The Desolate Host, Maiden of Vigilance, Fallen Avatar, and Kil’Jaeden – you can choose either the final boss or the entire raid run.

Boost2Night provides fast and secure boosts: buying from us you never run risks of getting banned or waiting for weeks for the completion of your order.

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