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The Lightbringer Title (Paragon of Argus)

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Completion Time:
1-2 months

110 level character

If you order The Lightbringer Title you will receive:
• Probably the most epic title in the game: "The Lightbringer"
• All Argus campaign completed
• Exalted reputation with the two new factions added in Argus: Army of the Light and Argussian Reach
• Lots of awesome faction rewards, like: mounts,profession improvements,pets and more!
• "Officer of the Light", "Protector of the Argussian Reach" achievements
• All items and artifact power obtained during the boosting process
• The new dungeon and raid's last bosses killed in Normal/Heroic mode
• All Argus treasures discovered
• All Legion invasion cleared and each of the demonic commanders slained
• And much more! 

Our special team of Argus content experts will do the long and exhausting questline, reputation farm, demon hunting and treasures seeking as fast as possible to eventually complete the whole Argus mission and finish off the naughty Legion invasions once and for all, turning your character into the Lightbringer of Azerot!
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