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Argus daily routine

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Completion Time:
1 hour - 1 month

110 level character

If you order Argus Daily Routine you will receive:
• Improved reputation with the new Argus factions: "Argussian Reach" and "Army of the Light"  
• All daily quests completed
• All invasion points cleared
• Chances of getting 7.3 patch mounts
• All items and artifact power obtained during the boosting process
Are you sick and tired of all the quest routine, but don't want to miss the value you can get by doing it? Let us help you! Our most dedicated quest-fans will manually complete all the quests and invasion points on Argus, getting for your character the most of it.

(!) Note:
Unlike most boosting services, Boost2Night never outsources client orders and completes all of them in-house. We have our own guilds on all factions of EU and US regions, one for each (EU Alliance/Horde, US Alliance/Horde). Our raiders are pro-players with over 5 years of boosting experience, so we can say with confidence, that Boost2Night is the best place to get your WoW boost.