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RBG wins farm

In case of Piloted option our professional booster plays your character. Live-streaming is provided. We don't need any personal data. It is absolutely safe. In case of Selfplay option you are playing your character. We just need your btag or nickname to invite you in raid.
€ 249
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Completion time:
Negotiable - RBG wins farming takes a lot of time so we arrange our boosting time-table according to your desires and wishes.

Level 110 character

You will receive:
• Vicious saddle epic item, necessary to buy one of the most elite PVP mounts
• Vindictive Combatant achievement
• Gear and honor talents earned by your character during the RBG farming
• RBG free rating and achievements
• Many other great PVP rewards!

Best RBG teams both on Horde and Alliance are ready to start boosting your character anytime. This service will also help you to get 50 RBG wins necessary for the Hero of the Alliance/Horde title and achievement. (!) Mind that the price may vary depending on how many wins you need exactly.