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RBG Wins Farm

In case of Piloted option our professional booster plays your character. Live-streaming is provided. We don't need any personal data. It is absolutely safe. In case of Selfplay option you are playing your character. We just need your btag or nickname to invite you in raid.
€ 249
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Completion Time:
Negotiable - Arrenging RBG Wins Farm takes time, so we advise consulting our managers through the website app or by using infomation found in "Contacts" section to know how long it would currently take;

Level 120 character;

If you order RBG Wins Farm you will receive:
• 1 Vicious Saddle item, used to buy one of the elite PVP mounts;
• RBG rating and achievements;
• PvP gear of ilvl 300+