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Ferocious (Rank one) Gladiator

€ 80
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Completion time:
1 Arena season

Level 45+ honor talents, 900+ ilvl

You will receive:
• Gear and honor talents earned by your character during the ladder climbing
• Epic Arena achievements
• Unique and gorgeous Dragon mount
• Cruel Gladiator title which will stay with your character forever
• Many other great PVP rewards!

Most experienced and high-rated players proved to be the best since the Lich King expansion will boost your character to the R1 gladiator rating in fastest and safest way possible.

Additional options description:
• 100% Title Retention - If you want to 100% keep your title and to avoid any risks of account sharing (though your safety is our №1 priority, and we know how to protect our clients) we will create a new battle net account with your name, transfer your character on that account, complete the boost and transfer your character back to the original account.