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World of Warcraft PvP

Chasing the dream to become a WoW legend can still be a miracle unless you enter a PvP-server battle at blood-soaked fields of strife in Azeroth.

What is PvP

This is a common abbreviation for “Player vs. Player” which means combat between players of any kind. The term is used as contrast to PvE - “Player vs. Environment: which means having fights between the gamer and the game elements.

What battles can be held in the fields?

For example, dueling. This is a no-rewarding classy way of engaging which can take place in small towns or outside the capital city gates.

Battlegrounds present the other type of fight. It is a large-scale Horde vs Alliance battle with range from 10v10 to 40v40 with the reward of Honour points or Conquest points. There is also a more intense kind of battles called rated battleground with a reward of greater amounts of Conquest Points.

You can also challenge yourself in PvP zones which are realm-specific and non-instanced. Claiming victory here a gamer can get Honor Points and open access to dailies, rewards and even raids. At Arena teams of players of either faction can compete against each other in deathmatch-style PvP. In contradistinction to battlegrounds the play here is based on the team's ability to wipe out the other team. Alongside the victory you will receive Conquest Points.

There also some other types of combats like War Games, World PvP etc with its own unique features of venues for fun and practice.

Rewards and points

The army needs warriors, the warriors needs equipment. Bringing your faction victory you will be able to receive reward points, which you spend on various items of gear: weapons, armor, gems, enchantments, trinkets, and even mounts to ride into battle with.

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