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World of Warcraft reputation power leveling

Completing quests or killing some creatures may not only be beneficial for your in-game levels but also can boost up your WoW reputation. This favour can give you access to special rewards or new quests to accomplish. In the World of Warcraft there are numerous ways to increase reputation. Let’s point out the fastest and most efficient tools to do it.

How to get WoW reputation points

There are several methods to get desirable favour:

  • To complete reputation quests aligned with the faction;
  • To kill certain creatures;
  • To do level-appropriate dungeons.

What is the reputation

It is very similar to experience and is pided into a number of different levels which you can get earning reputation points. There points can be gained through quests and killing various mobs. During the game you can also lose reputation points. It occurs when a player kill members of the faction or assist to rival factions.

The basic reward for new level is discounts. Achieving new reputation you receive a discount on all goods and services from a faction member at friendly reputation. The amount of discount ranges from 5% discount at Friendly to 20% discount at Exalted.

The levels of reputation are as follows:

  • Hated;
  • Hostile;
  • Unfriendly;
  • Neutral;
  • Friendly;
  • Honored;
  • Revered;
  • Exalted.

The worst attitude is done towards Hated.

Beyond Unfriendly is Neutral. It will allow you to get most quests from them or being able to buy and sell from vendors.

Positive levels of reputation begin with Friendly, continue into Honored, Revered, and finally Exalted. Getting these levels will help you to participate in new quests, get new gear and unique items.

Additionally, at exalted level, Alliance and Horde factions will let you buy their racial mounts.

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