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World of Warcraft power leveling dungeons

If you want to discover the benefits of speedy power-leveling you should give a try to dungeons. This can be the fastest way to boost your WoW account providing you with better gear in comparison with solo questing. Let’s face some crucial benefits of doing this kind of power-leveling in the World of Warcraft.

Benefits of dungeon power-leveling

With the help of dungeon finders you can get all the needed high quality gear. Items that drop off of the bosses inside them will be absolutely helpful to level faster providing your character with more power, even in those early levels.

Moreover this kind of leveling will give you a lot of experience in a shorter amount of time. Firstly because there are many more creatures in a much smaller area you will have to spend less time while killing more of them. There will be no need to travel between creatures, this means that you can spend more time actually playing the game. Being in a group of five players instead of solo questing means you can take on more creatures at the same time.

There are also two important factors which WoW should keep in mind while earning experience by dungeon leveling. The first is BOA, or bind-on-account gear, a certain amount of items which you can purchase from the Heirloom vendor in Dalaran. Only being a 85-level player you will be able to purchase the Heirloom gear, but wearing all three pieces of it while leveling will give you an extra 30 percent experience.

The other factor is rest bar which is acquired every time you spend time in an inn, whether you’re logged in or not. It gives you double the experience for all of your kills and the best way to build it up is to log out while you’re inside of an inn.

How to power level with dungeons

The best way to boost your in-game character is to get a good dungeon leveling guide on the market which will help you to figure things out. This can help you to manage your time more efficiently directing you to the places which are available for your character’s level.

If you still have some problems with boosting your account the members of professional InGameMart team are always at your disposal providing you with the best service in power-leveling in a fast and safe way.