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World of Warcraft power leveling 85-90

Leveling fr om 85 to 90 is a part of exciting journey in World of Warcraft. Discovering Mists of Pandaria you will have to deal in quite a few new zones so you will have at least a couple of choices on wh ere to level up, combining more than one zone at a time can also be done. We’ve got a very useful guide for you which will help to make a WoW journey faster and more exciting and power-level your account quickly.

There are many unique items in Pandaria which represents a grey quality item that is worth upwards of 100 gold and gives a huge piece of experience.

Keep in mind that the process will be a lot faster if you pick up a Grimoire of the Four Winds which gives you an ability to fly at level 85. This item is sold on the Black Market Auction House.

Jade Forest at 85-86

Entering Pandaria you should head for Jade Forest which represents game zone for 85 – 86. What you have to do here is to take part in different mobs and quests which are the lowest level of the zones. The Instance Temple of the Jade Serpent is also in this zone and is worth hitting up.

Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds at 86-87

After finishing all the needed battles in Jade Forest you can move on to Valley of the Four Winds. Playing and questing here can be combined with Krasarang Wilds because both these zones have the same range. The zones are located next to each other and this makes more simple to participate in quests in both zones.

Kun-Lai Summit at 87-88

Reaching 87 you can move on to Kun-Lai Summit. The zone is huge and to pass to level 88 won’t be a problem for you. Here the battles between the Horde and Alliance take place because they both struggle for hold of Pandaria.

Townlong Steppes / Dread Wastes / Vale of Eternal Blossoms at 88-90

When you reach 88, you will have a choice of three places to continue your journey. Each of the zone has quests available for 88 – 89 characters and represents viable options for leveling. You can do them in any order and switch it up as you like.

If you still got some difficulties with boosting your account from 85 to 90 feel free to contact or professional InGameMart team. We offer you the best guides and methods to level up your WoW experience.