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World of Warcraft pet leveling

In terms of the World of Warcraft a pet represents any type of creature that a player can summon or tame, like companions and mounts.

Battle creatures are companions that have been converted to battle other battle pets in the Pet Battle System which was introduced with Mists of Pandaria.

Combat type animals are companions that a player can partially control to aid them in battle. Guardian ones can be summoned, but cannot be controlled.

Companions are small creatures and can only provide aesthetic appeal and do not directly affect combat.

Mounts are usually rideable creatures.

WoW pet leveling can be done in different ways like battling wild pets, battling pet tamer NPCs, and items.

Leveling battle pets can be a routine work. The problem is that after making a team of 25s, you can face some problems in taking it as an acceptable option for the more difficult trainers. The fastest way to do this is to complete the Beasts of Fable on daily basis for the Lesser Pet Treat. Be sure to complete the weekly PVP weekly given by Gentle San. Combine them both with your Safari Hat, and you will get 85% bonus to leveling! Add-ons can also help you to enjoy the game experience and make levelling even faster.

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