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Fastes way to level in WoW

Dreaming about the best experience and in-game wealth in the World of Warcraft you need firstly to deal with passing through approximately 100 levels to get what you desire. There are numerous ways to do it, but the quickest method to level from 1-100, on any WoW class, is to quest your way up. Sure there are some useful tools which will help you to achieve the needed class like heirloom gear. It will make your journey even faster.

WoW Questing

Power leveling your account through questing is one of the best ways to gain in-game experience. Most quests are very easy to complete, all you need to do it is to plan a route around a small area within a zone. You can make it easier by using the Quest Log and the game's Map which will help you to notice what objectives you have to complete and how you can make a quick path. You can also develop your own questing style which will help you to become very efficient in making progress through questing. Also this will help you to improve your gear through quest rewards.

WoW Dungeons

Some players prefer to level up completing dungeons, which reward a noticeable amount of XP. This can be suitable for those who are willing to tank in these dungeons. But you will also need to get enough experience to tank very well in these dungeons so this option is not for newbies.

Many people start using dungeons because they have already quested a lot and have become tired and bored tons of quests.

Some more options how to level up

Other options for leveling are slower. People use them just to avoid dealing with quests or dungeons. They include PvP play in Battlegrounds which award some experience. You can also start mining and herbing, and get some experience by simply doing these things, which can benefit you if you're good at selling materials on the Auction House.

There are two other options. You can purchase a Character Boost to level 90, and it will work exactly as it sounds. The other way to quickly boost a character up requires another account with higher-level character on it. It can be yours or of a friend of yours. Just take the bigger characters from the friendly account, mix them with your character and go into dungeons appropriate for your level.

If you want to get advice from the most experienced players feel free to contact InGameMart team. We can help you to boost your account quickly in the safest way.