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World of Warcraft fast leveling

What is the fastest way to level in the World of Warcraft - this is the most common question in everybody’s mind. In general the average speed to level from 1 to 90 is approximately 6-7 days of constant WoW playing. Sure enough it can take less or longer, you might go faster, you might go slower, it all depends on how you handle your way to level 90.

The best strategy of power leveling involve doing many quests. Common methods always concentrate on doing only those quests which are the most efficient in terms of experience over time. You also need to analyse the quests in a given zone so as to do them in the most efficient order. 

Remember, the main idea here is having speed and efficiency. You can obtain an addon that will show you how much experience per hour you are gaining to test your techniques. Additionally, ensure your character's talent build is crafted for maximum endurance. There should be as little downtime (walking, drinking, eating, crafting, typing, etc.) as possible.

Dungeon farming is meant to be the fastest way to level to 90! Having friends with level of 15 you gather together and decide who is the Tank, who Heals and who is dealing Damage. They now sit at a full or nearly full party. Then they open the Dungeon Finder, and choose random dungeon and clear it as fast as they can. After they are ready with that, they instantly re-queue for a random dungeon and gets some really fast queues.

Battlegrounds will provide you with great experience but can be time demanding. They say it is the slowest way to level yourself to 90 and usually takes 10-25 or so minutes to complete.

Questing, as it has been already mentioned, represents the fastest way to level your character.

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