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Completion Time:
• Flexible (Highly depends on luck)

• Level 110 character
• Argus campaign started

You will receive:
• One of the most rare and epic sets for transmogrification available for plate users only (There is a cloth version of this set too - Zealous Felslinger Cloth.)
• Chances to get Legendary items
• 880+ randomly dropped gear
• Veiled Argunite currency, serving to buy 910+ items
• Partially or fully completed achievement "Shoot first, loot later"
• Partially completed achievement "Commander of Argus"
• LOADS of artifact power obtained during the boosting process

Our most dedicated demon hunters squad will keep slaying rare elite Argus demon-bosses and open treasure chests until you finally get all the pieces from this amazing transmogrification set. Apart from the cosmetic gear itself we will also unlock for you parts of the achievements "Shoot first, loot later" by discovering and looting the hidden treasures, and "Commander of Argus" by completing the encounters with specific NPCs. Purchasing this service you are guaranteed to receive an enourmous amount of Artifact power and Veiled Argunite crystals currency and save a lot of time by letting us do the boring and monotonous farming for you.

(!) Note:
Unlike most boosting services, Boost2Night never outsources client orders and completes all of them in-house. We have our own guilds on all factions of EU and US regions, one for each (EU Alliance/Horde, US Alliance/Horde). Our raiders are pro-players with over 5 years of boosting experience, so we can say with confidence, that Boost2Night is the best place to get your WoW boost.