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Power leveling World of Warcraft 90-100

Adventuring fr om level 90 to level 100 in the World of Warcraft opens you a door to the savage Warlords of Draenor wh ere you will have to fight against a new danger to Azeroth: the Iron Horde, an orc army forged from the raw materials of legend. The mystery begins as you step through the Dark Portal. As you examine the achievements which you can make playing Draenor, you’ll have the chance to dig into six new dungeons to get some new experience and earn new epic items and gold. Moving to level 100, there will be a chance to create your very own Garrison—one of Warlords of Draenor’s biggest new features. How do speed up your WoW way to the level 100? There are some effective methods to power level your account.

How to level from 90-100

With the recent addition to flying in Draenor, you can boost from 90-100 really quickly using only Elixir of the Rapid Mind if you have a few things. Moving through three zones of Shadowmoon Valley, Gorgrond, Spires of Arak and completing tasks to achieve bonus objectives and get some extra treasures is one of the possible ways to get to level 100. To optimise your journey from 90 to 100 you can use some guides which will lead you on the easiest routes.

The general guide to completing your journey to the desired 100 is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to complete every bonus objective at each of three zones (Shadowmoon Valley -> Gorgrond -> Arak). Completing this task you will have to use your Elixir of the Rapid Mind and Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning to get as many bonus objectives as you can within 15 minutes using different routes.

If you have some problems developing the needed routes to get through zones and complete quests you can get some useful pieces of advice from our professional team at InGameMart. Feel free to contact us anytime to get some help in achieving the highest WoW Levels.