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Power leveling World of Warcraft 100-110

After conquering Draenor you will face some new threats which has come to Azeroth. To fight against these demons, you have to become stronger than ever, gaining new powers, lots of gold, new abilities and unique items. If you are a fan of the World of Warcraft you will absolutely need some useful tips and methods to power level from 100 to 110. During the in-game journey you will have to experience order halls, artifact weapons, and the many other unique items that the latest era of WoW has to offer. There are different strategies to boost your account. Let’s point out the most efficient of them.

Start your journey

All your new quests will begin at Broken Isles. Before heading here be sure you have options for handling gliding and walking on water which are effective tools to navigate here. In other way go to an Auction House and get a few goblin gliders and waterwalking potions. Also be aware of having two primary professions. It will grant you experience and useful rewards.

Your first aim will be to get some artifact weapon. You can get it in different zones, four of which are considered "leveling zones". You can complete them in any order you like.

It should be noted that there is no best zone for leveling at first, as it's much more of a selection of preference.

The best way to upgrade your account

If you want to level as fast as you can, you should concentrate on completing quests. The general rule for Legion is low price for killing experience, and dungeons aren't very rewarding. Just complete all the zones and stay on-track with quests.

Completing one of the four zones you will be granted a major quest which sends you into a dungeon and completing each of the four dungeon quests you will gain good gear.

Don’t miss the special opportunities like quests and missions which offer The Order Hall. These not only boost your personal progression, but also be interesting and exciting to participate in.

If you still have some problems with power levelling your account, feel free to contact InGameMart team. We offer you the best online methods how to safely level up your place in the World of Warcraft.