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Mage Tower Challenge

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Completion Time:
Highly depends on your gear (well geared characters get boosted faster)

• Level 110 character
• 890+ ilvl
• Nethershards

You will receive:
• Mage Tower questline completed
• Achievement "A Challenging Look"
• New epic artifact skin

Our most qualified professional booster completes the artifact challenge for you! Just like any other WoW service B2N provides, the Mage Tower challenge will be completed in no time and in the most efficient way!
For some Warcraft players the whole Mage Tower Challenge might seem a real nuisance and they simply don’t want to bother. However, it is really hard to say “No” to an opportunity to get a most awesome artifact skin!
Say “Yes” to boosts instead! B2N will easily and neatly cope with an objective like that! And for a fair price as well!
What, you also get an achievement? Could it be at least a corpuscle better?
Please, pay attention, that for taking the challenge our booster will need nethershards, so make sure you have a sufficient amount of them for our professional to get to the completion of the Mage Tower challenge right away.
Another important detail is your character’s gear: the more BIS items you have equipped, the faster the completion and the fewer nethershards will be required.

(!) Note:
Boost2Night is known for relying on in-service boosters only! Be it raiders or PVP professionals, or guys that get you artifact skins – it doesn’t matter! You can trust them, as we trust them, and you trust us! You can be certain that you are not running risks of losing any in-game items or currency and of having your WoW friends upset with some unexpected offensive messages from our professional! Not gonna happen!