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Argus Hidden Treasure Chests

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Completion Time:
6 hours - 3 days

• Level 110 character
• Argus campaign started

If you order Argus Hidden Treasure Chests you will receive:
• Acces to all Argus treasure chests
• "Shoot first, loot later" achievement
• Loads of Artifact power
• Chances of getting items from World-Defiler transmogrification set 
• Veiled Argunite currency

Our most prefessional team of treasure seekers with specially trained for that purpose tracking-felhounds will make sure to discover and open for you all the Argus treasure chests essential to get the achievement "Shoot first, loot later" which is a part of "Paragon of Argus". – The grand Legion achievement based on completion of the most part of Argus content, awarding you with one of the most epic titles in game: "The Lightbringer". This service saves you a great deal of time you can spend better than running around looking for chests under rock cliffs and puddles, and brings a huge load of Artifact power, as well as a new epic Transmogrification gear set – World-Defiler available for plate and cloth users only.

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