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Darkmoon Dirigible - Flying mount

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Completion Time:
Around 4 weeks

110 level character

If you order Darkmoon Dirigible you will receive:
• Dubiously the most epic mount in the game at the moment, a smaller version of the famous Horde warfare-dirigibles
• Loads of time saved by letting us do the monotonous farming job

Our special Darkmoon Fair goblin-burglars' squad will daily try-hard on your account to eventually collect the tickets required to buy the mount.

(!) Note:
Unlike most boosting services, Boost2Night never outsources client orders and completes all of them in-house. We have our own guilds on all factions of EU and US regions, one for each (EU Alliance/Horde, US Alliance/Horde). Our raiders are pro-players with over 5 years of boosting experience, so we can say with confidence, that Boost2Night is the best place to get your WoW boost.