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Stop making mistakes discovering the World of Warcraft by taking some lessons from professional gamers. Boost2Night offers you the best rates on WoW guides and coaching sessions with experienced players who will help you raise your skill and talent level much faster and obtain the needed game level without spending long hours online.

Coaching will help you to progress from the lowest game levels to the highest arena ratings. Information about your account will be kept private so online lessons won’t harm your reputation.

Wow coaching gives you optimal opportunity to train your arena skills and get some knowledge about your class by learning experience from the best representatives of the world pvp community.

Lessons will boost you in-game experience and help you to avoid making mistakes at any class - mage, warrior, warlock, paladin, rouge, druid, monk, hunter and etc.

Beginners can start their in-game journey playing 2v2 to understand basics of game issues and get a common vision of arena.

For more experienced players who already have some basic experience we’d suggest starting to take lessons in 3v3 bracket.

Joining the team of WoW coaching you should be sure that you will discover new in-game opportunity and boost your account to the next level.