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Having trouble with your DPS, tanking or even healing rotation even after reading all those guides on the web? Figuring out optimal PvP talent combination makes you grind your teeth in frustration? Then have some of our coaching lessons with Boost2Night's most excellent boosters!

While this process is certainly more lengthy than our usual offers (several hours might not sound long, but it's several hours you will need to go through yourself), nothing beats the sense of pride and accomplishment when you do something on your own. Lessons with our coaches would help you build up confidence in your gameplay, better navigate in stat weights and rotation priorities, and improve your decision-making regarding many situations.

The results will stay with you forever! Even though the balance of both PvE and PvP aspects in World of Warcraft changes on a constant basis, you will learn to plan and react accordingly. Even if you master just a single game class with us - you will be less likely to make dramatic mistakes should you decide to change it to any other.

Primarily we offer PvP coaching as Arena and BG matches require constant adaptation in which a single talent choice might win or lose the game for you, while in PvE the process is a bit more static. In any case - our managers would readily provide you with additional information on those topics!

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