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World of Warcraft Arena

Arena is an instanced zone in which 2 teams of players do PvP in a deathmatch style. There are several options regarding team size: 2vs2 and 3vs3. In contrast to battlegrounds, arenas have no objectives to fulfill, and all you have to do is wipe the floor with your opponents before they do the same with you. This task is, of course, complicated by the fact that various team compositions require different approach each time, but thankfully players are given a 30-sec buff which allows them to reorganize their talents in response to the upcoming match.

Much like with RBGs the point of this game mode is to improve your personal rating to unlock unique and outstanding rewards. Conquest Points can be earned in Arena as well, not just in RBGs, allowing players to get gear of high item level comparable to raids. Unique rewards tied to rating include mounts, titles, achievements as well as access to item level rewards of even higher quality (the higher your rating is - the better items you get from conquest points) and unique enchanting illusions for your weapons.