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Glory of the Uldir Raider

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Completion Time:
2+ days;

• Level 120 character;

If you order Glory of the Uldir Raider you will receive:
• Meta-achievement "Glory of the Uldir Raider";
• Rare mount - "Bloodgorged Crawg";
• Achievements"Halls of Containment", "Crimson Descent", "Heart of Corruption"
• Achievements (Depend on your faction!): "Siege of Dezar'alor"/"Defense of Dazar’alor", "Empire’s Fall"/"Death’s Bargain";
• Chance to get 355+ ilvl gear from bosses;
• Artifact power to your Heart of Azeroth;

(!) Note:
• This service is performed ONLY with our pilot! This is done to prevent any mistakes that might happen due to client's lack of experience or miscommunication.