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Uldir (pronounced "OOL-deer") is the opening raid in Battle for Azeroth, situated in Nazmir. Player expectations are high, as it shall be the first raid in the most controversial Warcraft expansion to this day. We were definitely left impressed, but… let’s just say that you would need to have an acquired taste to appreciate its theme.

Just as always, Boost2Night provides a review of the place to give you an insight into the newest chapter of the game's lore. Knowledge is half the battle, as the saying goes.

If you struggle with the fearsome denizens of this forsaken place - do not hesitate to check our offers, as professional teams would readily assist you with any endeavor, as long as it is related to WoW. Everyone needs a boost once in a while, especially with the recent radical balance changes!

We're not in Ulduar anymore.

Horde and Alliance are once again at each other's throats, exchanging curses and blows with ferocity and determination not seen since the Tides of Darkness! Amidst this rekindled war between faction for honor, future, and epic loot, both sides continue to search for new allies who would lend their strength in combat. Eventually, this would take champions, the players, of both factions to the isles of Zandalar, where they would discover that underneath ashes and turmoil of current events - there's a sinister secret, festering just out of sight, ready to rupture and drown Azeroth in corruption and silence the conflict for both sides once and for all.

Despite looking archaic, Uldir is a construct of titans, celestial beings of immense power who have recently assisted us by prisoning Sargeras, creator of the Burning Legion. Which means that it is filled with cosmic technology, as their facilities always tend to be. And, as always, it appears that there's something gone awry with the place, much like with Uldaman and Uldum. Spoiler alert: we have a worst-case scenario. We have another Ulduar. Only this time we're not venturing into a prison designed for an unimaginable incarnation horror, but take a deep dive into the cesspool. Thankfully, players are not going to receive items and gear directly from dumpsters, but to be safe - always remember to check the dungeon journal as one can never be sure.

Also, remember to be on a lookout for an elevator boss. We've recently seen one in Antorus, the Burning Throne, so it is not far-fetched to expect one in a multi-level research/quarantine facility.

50 shades of rot.

Does disposing of a living conglomeration formed by rotted tissue, phlegm, and several loa make you a garbage man? We're asking because this is what Fetid Devourer, one the bosses, is! If it does, then we're quite happy with the title "the Purifier", a guaranteed reward from killing G'huun, the final boss of this dungeon, on a mythic mode of difficulty. It has a nice ring to it and gives an interesting spin on the profession, doesn't it?

If the two mentioned bosses are not putrid enough for you, then perhaps a giant blob of bloody snot (Vectis) would do? Or maybe crustaceans creep you out? Then be sure to pay a visit to Mythrax the Unraveler, who, along with his kin, Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth, demonstrates that crab infection is nothing to scoff at. In comparison, these nauseating terrors make a reanimated troll vampire (Zul, Reborn) look almost mundane! The only two titan representatives, an enormous combat dreadnaught (Taloc the Corrupted) and a dangerously stubborn watcher/part-time surgeon (MOTHER). Yes, you heard that right: we're fighting titan constructs. Again. Players have recently successfully apprehended the most infamous one of their ilk(Sargeras), killed another(Argus), saved a pantheon, yet they don't even have the courtesy to help us and clean their own potentially apocalyptic and most definitely toxic waste!

Always wear a rubber.

Aside from expanding the game world with new threats, it would appear that Blizzard continues to experiment with boss designs, adding an element of puzzle-solving into the mix. We don't want to spoil the whole thing for you, but will drop a hint: fight with G'huun resembles the Bed of Chaos from Dark Souls. But rather than killing it with a single hit - you'll have to carry a bomb several times. Hopefully, that got you intrigued.

It's a shame that the loot system is now permanently stuck on Personal (something we have covered several times in our blog), restricting players from freely passing unwanted items if those are at least 5ilvl higher than the one currently equipped, but this would not hinder our service. We guarantee safety, provide a cheap service, and aim for your satisfaction. Thus if you paid for your full set of BiS raid gear - our boosters would keep running this dungeon with you until you get everything you've paid for. Your pleasure is our priority!

Keep in mind that even though Uldir would become available on September 5th(EU), Mythic difficulty would unlock on servers a week later on September 12th. In the meantime, we suggest you check our "Glory of the Uldir Raider" offer to get an exclusive Bloodgorged Crawg mount and multiple options for heroic mode, including a G'huun-only kill to get a time-limited "Ahead of the Curve: G'huun" achievement.

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