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Hero of the Alliance/Horde

€ 80
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Completion time:
1 RBG season

Level 110 character

You will receive:
• Vicious saddle epic item, necessary to buy one of the elite PVP mounts
• Gear and honor talents earned by your character during the RBG farming
• Free RBG rating achievements
• Hero of the Alliance/Horde prestige achievement and title
• Many other great PVP rewards!

Best RBG teams both on Horde and Alliance are ready to start boosting your character anytime. (!) Note that the price is for starting from 0, if you already have a decent RBG rating, there will be a discount for you, check the details with our online support. Also there are 50 wins farm (if you don’t have them) necessary for the achievement are included in the service.

Additional options description:
• 100% Title Retention - If you want to 100% keep your title and to avoid any risks of account sharing (though your safety is our №1 priority, and we know how to protect our clients) we will create a new battle net account with your name, transfer your character on that account, complete the boost and transfer your character back to the original account.