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Rated battle grounds wow

If Raids are the highest form of PvE endgame - then Rated Battlegrounds are the same for PvP. This game mode is all about fierce competition between 2 teams of 10 people, which involves a lot of personal responsibility and an unpredictable flow of combat. In contrast to your usual BG experience, RBGs are much more organized, with teams bringing specialized setups to each specific battleground.

Playing in this mode allows players to efficiently gather Conquest Points, which are used to obtain high-end gear, but in reality, this isn't what RBGs are about. They are about rating, both team and personal, as rewards locked behind high rating are way more enticing and impressive than simple items. These include mounts, titles, achievements as well as access to item level rewards of even higher quality (the higher your rating is - the better items you get from conquest points) and unique enchanting illusions for your weapons.

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