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Game time card

Time is money and literally you have to buy any part of this equation in case of chasing both of them. World of Warcraft heroes explore, adventure, plunder and quest and take battles across a game-play spending a lot of time chasing their dreams to update their in-game levels and make some gold. All you need to have to make some achievements is time.

Game time is a period of time which allows a user to play online with the World of Warcraft. These periods of subscription access to World of Warcraft can be purchased online in increments of 30, 60, and 180 days. Pre-paid game cards could be an easy way to create a new subscription or extend an existing one.

Boost2Night can help you to get full persity of cards to keep you in the game which you can buy on reasonable price. The cards work with accounts of all levels and will allow you to play for some more days!

The payment method and other issues connected with purchase on our web-site are absolutely safe and guarantee fast delivery and privacy.

With the World of Warcraft pre-paid game card, you will be able to continue your epic quests and raids through the Legion for any chosen amount of days without any additional payments.