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Trinket is a type of armor worn in the trinket equipment slot. They are very small and can fit any pocket. But on the same time they are very important for every WoW player. Among all the gear slots in the World of Warcraft, it seems like trinkets are some of the most versatile and exchangeable.

Unlike any type of amor that are itemized and will generally provide very large bonuses to just two stats. You can’t get any trinket before reaching level 50. There are some exceptions for PvP trinkets and heirlooms, and some BoP crafted items. This magic type of amor can be obtained as quest rewards, as boss drops, through different professions, as PvP rewards or by purchasing with emblems. You can’t find them on the Auction House.

The way to get the amor is long and full of obstacles. So the better option for powerleveling your account is buying trinkets online.

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