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Battle for Dazar’Alor is the 2nd raid of Battle for Azeroth. Yes, you’ve read this right: we’re going to pillage the Zandalari capital! Well, technically, it’s the Alliance who are going to pillage the place and the Horde are going to fight it back. This raid is also unique because it features an interesting new style of progression and story telling, which allows factions to experience each-other’s story lines within the dungeon. To clarify, you might remember something similar from the ICC and Trial of the Crusader raids, when factions had varying encounters. After all, it’s only logical that the Horde would not battle King Rastakhan and the Alliance did nothing to provoke Mekkatorque. Yes, you’ve read this right: we’ve got faction leaders on the front line and someone is about to lose their head…

Just as always, Boost2Night provides a review of the place to give you an insight into the newest chapter of the game's lore. Knowledge is half the battle, as the saying goes.

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Make Love, Not Warcraft

Bah, who are we kidding? Sure, we might have just vanquished yet another global threat together just recently (well, not exactly together, but the Explorers’ League has supposedly taken part in getting rid of the G’huun along with the Zandalari), but old habits die hard. Sure, there has been a lot of tension between as well as inside the factions and now this bubbling putrid cyst has burst once again, but unlike the War Campaign it is the Alliance who takes the offensive.

Anyone who has seen Dazar’alor can surely attest to its unusual design and verticality and apparently those people that guessed that the place was built as a Raid Instance first were finally proven right in their theories. If you’re one of such brainiacs - kudos to you. Still, now everyone gets to enjoy not only walking through the magnanimous city, but also see firsthand its inner sanctums and the royal treasury.

Two sides of the same coin

We have already mentioned that the dungeon uses a style of storytelling which is quite unique to World of Warcraft. Technically, both the Alliance and the Horde raid groups act “at the same time”, which is supported by Grong, the giant white chimp, who serves as a 2nd boss to both factions. How does he do it? Simple: the Horde fights the giant gorilla normally, while the Alliance engages its undead version raised into servitude by Nathanos Blightcaller. Similarities don’t just end here, but extend to two other bosses from the first trio, although here they are more of a copy-paste images rather than interesting variations of the same event. Horde and Alliance both fight a paladin champion from the enemy ranks and then have a showdown with Jadefire masters at the top of the pyramid. From that point on the time-line is a bit messy…

You ain’t never had a friend like me

Much like during the Siege of Orgrimmar the battle takes place within a capital city, however, this time around factions would face their unique bosses. Which is quite an interesting way, at least for the Zandalari, to demonstrate their might. The Alliance would have to battle not only through Conclave of the Chosen, kingdom’s elite, but actually fight the animated WEALTH of the glorious kingdom in the shape of Opulence, the treasure guardian, and at the journey’s end face off against Rastakhan himself. The trick is that the king is not quite alone and will fight along with Bwonsamdi, the Loa of Death, who stays remarkably true to his end of the bargain and comes to provide his… help at a moment’s notice.

There will be no living with her after this

Unlike the Alliance, the Horde doesn’t get ample interaction with the new faction (Kul Tiran humans) instead focusing on ridding the city off the combined enemy forces. Still, there’s little to be upset about as they get to fight the High Tinkerer in all his glory. We won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that our loveable and quirky inventor won’t be staying long enough to become this universe Iron Man. Next, the Horde’s heroes get to fight the Stormwall Blockade, which is… an interesting fight to say the least. If you have ever been to ICC - this fight would come as a vastly improved version of the airship battle with more variety, tasks and overall degree of entertainment and engagement derived from the mechanics. And, well, in the end, if you believe in Horde privilege then you’ll be happy to know that hordies get 2 faction leader fights! Their line of adventure will culminate in a clash with Lady Jaina Proudmoore herself, who has quite a LOT of tricks up her sleeve and demonstrates an overall interesting approach from Blizzard to their boss design.

We’re pretty sure that by this point you’re quite confused as to what the actual number of bosses is and how does this all work? Well, simply speaking the first 3 bosses are identical, then your group chooses to either pursue their supposed line of adventure OR you get to experience a… sort of a flashback which would swap your race with the one from the opposing faction and allow you to kind of relive the conflict yourself without feeling any strain of guilt for your actions. As always, be sure to check our offers to get the newest achievements and mounts from the bosses!

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