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Full Mythic Gear (960+ ilvl)

In case of Piloted option our professional booster plays your character. Live-streaming is provided. We don't need any personal data. It is absolutely safe. In case of Selfplay option you are playing your character. We just need your btag or nickname to invite you in raid.
€ 899
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Completion Time: 
4-5 weeks

• Level 110 character

If you order Full Mythic Gear (960+ ilvl) boost you will receive:
• Full 960+ ilvl mythic gear (1 mythic item for each spot) for chosen class and spec
• Chances to obtain a new Legendary
• New mythic achievements 
• Artifact power

Options description:
• Piloted – The service is done without your personal participation. Our professional booster will just log in on your account and do everything by himself, there's no need to waste your time.
• Selfplay – The service is done with you playing on your character. You will be able to experience every exciting event you’ve paid for and see all the bosses with your own eyes!

Additional options description:
• BIS gear – Your character will get the best 960+ ilvl items dropped in The Antorus the Burning Throne (Mythic) with the best stats for each slot. (For 1 spec only) 
• Off spec gear – Your character will get all the best 960+ ilvl items dropped for your off spec.

Our most qualified World of Warcraft players will perform at their best to boost your character (or characters) through the sinister halls of the Legion headquarters: Antorus, the Burning Throne (Mythic) as many times as necessary for gearing it up to 960 ilvl! Our raiders know their business well enough to deal with the hardest objectives in the shortest time imaginable and at the top class level! We are also proud to note that all the raiders that your character will be entrusted to are our in-service workers and are coordinated by most professional in-service raid leaders during runs, hence if you choose us, you can be certain that your character and account are not in danger of any kind of fraud. 
The service is designed specially for those players who don’t really want to experience all the stressful raiding-related things all over again: who needs those stupid and distressing wipe outs in company of noobish pugs? Who on Earth might find miscommunication among the guild raid group members enjoyable? Yet it what happens all the time, and to avoid it you can either give up raiding (and how are you going to get all the epics and achievements, if you do?), or choose boost! Boost2Night! 
It doesn’t really matter what exactly makes you choose boost, you should understand perfectly well that there is nothing bad about it: we all might get too busy and be reluctant to miss the content first weeks, we all might get too tired of wipes and still feel like getting geared up, we all might reach the required ilvl too late into the patch and find nobody to raid with – it’s what happens to all of us, it’s natural. And so are boosts: it is in the community’s nature to help those who need a hand! Here’s ours – welcome to the club! 
If you desire to watch the process not being a part of the raid yourself – i.e. having bought the piloted run – you can always open a stream of the boost and enjoy the raid instance in the most pleasant and cozy manner – i.e. with beer and crab chips – not even having to press any buttons! Just check our channel on Twitch to find your raid! 

(!) Note: 
Unlike most boosting services, Boost2Night never outsources client orders and completes all of them in-house. We have our own guilds on all factions of EU and US regions, one for each (EU Alliance/Horde, US Alliance/Horde). Our raiders are pro-players with over 5 years of boosting experience, so we can say with confidence, that Boost2Night is the best place to get your WoW boost.