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Argus the Unmaker (Mythic) Kill

In case of Piloted option our professional booster plays your character. Live-streaming is provided. We don't need any personal data. It is absolutely safe. In case of Selfplay option you are playing your character. We just need your btag or nickname to invite you in raid.
€ 139
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Completion Time: 
1+ day

• Level 110 character

If you order Argus the Unmaker (Mythic) boost you will receive:
• Antorus, the Burning Throne last boss mythic kill
• Achievement "Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker"
• Artifact power
• Chance to get loot from the boss with bonus roll

Our most experienced professional boosters carry an ARGUS THE UNMAKER (MYTHIC) KILL boost for you! Just like any other WoW service B2N provides, the kill of Antorus the Burning Throne’s last boss will be finished in no time and in the most efficient way! 
For many Warcraft players raids are something overwhelmingly difficult. It’s a mountain they cannot climb! But, just like any other living and breathing person, they want glory! And loot! And achievements, and a' that! How are they supposed to exist in the state of permanent frustration? They need someone to help them with their raid issues! And here we are, offering you to get the ARGUS THE UNMAKER (MYTHIC) KILL boost, as who else on the gaming boost market thinks of your mental health more and better than Dr B2N? We've got you covered with our professional assistance: the corrupted would soul cannot become an obstacle for the Boost2Night crew! Cannot be stopped! Choose boost! 
Everything will happen beautifully and fast: in almost no time your achievement, your loot, and your glory will be delivered to you in generous and firm hands of our outstandingly awesome raiders. Solving problems has never been so easy! Our boost will leave you totally certain of that “loot raid Argus the Unmaker (mythic)” typed into the Google search bar was not a mistake! 

(!) Note: 
Boost2Night is known for relying on in-serivce players only! Be it gladiators, questers, or raiders that boost Argus the Unmaker (mythic) for you – it’s all the same! You can trust them, as we trust them, and you trust us! You can be more than sure that there are no risks of losing anything in-game whatsoever! None of your WoW friends will get strange messages or something! It’s perfectly secure! There are simply no reasons not to order the ARGUS THE UNMAKER (MYTHIC) boost on Boost2Night!