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Argus (MYTHIC) Mount (Shackled Ur’zul)

In case of Piloted option our professional booster plays your character. Live-streaming is provided. We don't need any personal data. It is absolutely safe. In case of Selfplay option you are playing your character. We just need your btag or nickname to invite you in raid.
€ 348
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Completion Time:
5+ hours

• Level 110 character
• Account share (If you don't choose Selfplay option).

You will receive:
• New Title: Titanslayer
• New achievements, including: "Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker"
• Unique flying mount "Shackled Ur’zul"

Our professional boosters will carry your character through The Antorus, the Burning Throne (MYTHIC) kill last boss Argus that drop unique mount "Shackled Ur’zul" !

Options description:
• Piloted – The service is done without your personal participation. Our professional booster will just log in on your account and do everything by himself, there's no need to waste your time.
• Selfplay – The service is done with you playing on your character. You will be able to experience every exciting event you’ve paid for and see all the bosses with your own eyes

(!) Note: 
Unlike most boosting services, Boost2Night never outsources client orders and completes all of them in-house. We have our own guilds on all factions of EU and US regions, one for each (EU Alliance/Horde, US Alliance/Horde). Our raiders are pro-players with over 5 years of boosting experience, so we can say with confidence, that Boost2Night is the best place to get your WoW boost.